Comments: Quirks

There are pictures of me doing the EXACT same thing as Mia does now. Now, I just have a weighted blanket. I sleep like a baby, but one that sleeps through the night. So, not like a baby at all.

Posted by alektra at December 20, 2012 2:49 PM

I remember watching my daughter at playcare at our local gym when she was just under three and shaking my head. She was pretending to be stuck in the ball pit and demanded that she be pulled to safety by the only boy in the room named Jackson who happened to be five. She is a fashion queen wearing bright loud colors, earrings, and she spends a lot of time going through her closet designing outfits to wear to second grade. This is not from me, I am usually in gym attire and for dress up I wear jeans. My color of choice is black. I decided a long time ago there were certain things about her that was just her make-up. I can teach her to say please and thank you and all that, but she has a unique blue print to which I have no control.

Posted by Shannon at December 21, 2012 9:16 AM

my son is the same about his bed! he look ridiculous sleeping with all of this babies, cars, books, flashlights, ETC every night. we call him mullsalina jolie, baby hoarder.

and i totally agree about the nurture/nature debate. my old neighbor, the strict feminist, used to tell me that there is only .0000000001% difference in genetics or something like that. well, that must be the one bizillionth of a gene that takes care of princesses and guns because it's there, no matter how much i try to squelch it :)

Posted by kati at December 21, 2012 3:53 PM